Couples Massage

Escape with a loved one with Q SPA Couples Massage.
Two people can enjoy their massage experience together.
Imagine the two of you lying side by side in our couple’s room just a few minutes from home.
Leave the stress behind and take a mini-vacation.
A couples massage is the perfect way to enjoy quality time together.

What is a couples massage? 
A couples massage delivered by two of our licensed massage therapists features a full body massage for both of you in the same room.
Each of you will enjoy the experience and luxury of a full body massage at the same time.
Couples massage allows you to share the rejuvenating experience of an individual full body massage with someone close to you.
Our goal is to relax and pamper you and your significant other.

Benefits of a Q SPA couples massage
Q Spa couples massage is a great choice for people who love therapeutic massage and want to introduce the benefits of massage therapy to someone who is reluctant to try it alone.
If you have ever had a full body massage, you know how wonderful the experience is. Couples massage allows you to share this therapeutic experience with that special person in your life. Our goal is to make you and that special someone feel like they are on a luxurious get away spa vacation within a few minutes from home.


What is the difference between a Q SPA couples massage and a traditional full body massage?
Our licensed, and fully trained therapists use the same techniques for both couples and single massage.
Couples massage allows you to share the experience simultaneously with someone special.
Both styles restore your mind, body and spirit while bonding and reconnecting with your partner.

Our Oak Creek Wisconsin facility is fully equipped to deliver you and your partner an intimate, relaxing and enjoyable couples massage experience.
Call us today to schedule your get away vacation within a few miles from home.

Couples Massage prices

30 Minutes – $90 + $10 Deep Tissue
60 Minutes – $120 + $10 Deep Tissue
90 Minutes – $180 + $10 Deep Tissue
120 Minutes – $240 + $10 Deep Tissue